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Thank you so much for your hard work at my grandma’s house…WOW! My Uncle, who originally did not want me to “waste my money staging,” was absolutely shock to see what a difference it made–He loved it! I ended up taking my grandma over to see it, and she couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked either. : )

We had a open house on Sunday, and all of the feedback was about how beautiful it looked with the staging. Lots of your hards have been picked up, AND I have had multiple agents call me just to talk about who staged it! 

We had multiple offers presented yesterday, and it is now pending for 15k over the asking price! The buyer removed their home inspection contingency and financing, so we shouldn’t have any issues. We will be ready for you to take out the staging on March 13th, and it just needs to be removed by the 19th of March for the closing on the 20th.

Lauren Hasson
The work that Michelle and her team do has helped me sell many houses for great prices! Michelle makes cost-effective recommendations, and then has the team to get the work done quickly at reasonable prices: exterior paint, stripping wallpaper and painting, replacing dated vinyl flooring, installing stylish lighting fixtures and hardware, and even replacing dated counter-tops. The improvements always generate a return of at least three times the cost. And her Staging recommendations, furniture and accessories make homes look and show beautifully. I highly recommend Michelle and her team to every one of my clients wanting to sell!

Andrew Berlinberg, The Hasson Company Realtors

Michelle has worked with me on several houses with great results. In one instance this year, she consulted with clients whose house had been on the market for 6 months with no results. I brought in Staged To Sell and Michelle did an interior color consultation. Then, managed the house painting and Staged the house. What a difference! The house sold in 8 days. Agents and buyers who saw the house before and after Michelle’s work couldn’t believe it was the same house.

Adam Highton, Keller Williams

Your Staging techniques were right on the mark. We’re sure that it had a direct impact in the offer and sale of our home in less than 1 month! In fact the Staging process worked so well, we haven’t unpacked most of the items that were removed.

Jim and Karrie P., Homeowners

“I can’t begin to thank you for the amazing job that you did on staging my “challenging listing” in Tigard. We were in contract within 10 days of going on the market. (This home had been on the market for 6 months with another agent). Seriously, it pays to stage.”

Trish Banning, The Hasson Company Realtors

“I recently had a vacant home with an unusual layout and some other space ‘obstacles’.  Michelle was sensitive to cost and was very thoughtful about which rooms really needed staging and which ones could do without.  Michelle’s suggestions were different from what I was anticipating but she really convinced me.  She and her team spent several hours installing the furniture and décor; the results were amazing.  My seller (now living out of state) even commented that her home had never looked so ‘appealing.’  Michelle’s work really paid off.  My decision to have Michelle stage that house was well worth the investment as we had an offer within 2 days on the market!”

Andrea Dufresne, The Hasson Company Realtors

I can’t believe the difference; a huge improvement! Thanks so much.”

Kathy Hall, Hasson Company Realtors

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