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Other Services

Office Presentation

Office Presentations
Staged To Sell can provide fun and interactive presentations for your real estate group. Speaking engagements are about 15-25 minutes and include refreshments, realtor support handouts, and Q & A sessions. Why not invite us to your next office meeting!

Pack, Truck & Store

Pack, Truck & Store – Per Contract
So you have cleared half your clutter and 25% of your furniture for the Stagers to come in and work their magic. Now where do you put everything?! After Staging your house let us pack up the extra and take it with us. We will give you an inventory list, and store everything and when you are ready we will deliver your items direct to your new home.

Gift Certicates

Gift Certificates
Staged To Sell gift certificates are a great way to say thank you to your real estate clients or agents. They make a perfect house warming, birthday or holiday gift. Certificates can be mailed to you for personal delivery or can be mailed directly to your recipient.

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