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Staging Services

Free Staging Proposals
Our Staging professionals will meet with you at your property for approximately 15 minutes. We will present you with our portfolio of Staged homes, take pictures and measurements of your rooms, draw a floor plan and discuss with you your ideas as well as your budget. Then we will e-mail you a proposal within 24 hours.
We are professional, efficient and we own our inventory. In many cases, we can have your property Staged beautifully and ready for the market within 2 days!

Staging consultations – $125/hour (average 1-2 hours)
Great for Realtor/Client relations
A consultation includes an extensive walk through of the entire home from the front curb to the back yard. Our designers will seek to accentuate the homes beauty and positive features while minimizing problem areas and creating a plan for you to prepare your home for sale. We will give you suggestions for every room including a floor plan, color samples, and possible money making home improvement ideas. Then you can do the work yourself or hire us to complete as little or as much as you like!

Vacant or Model Home Staging – Per Estimate
Using our vast inventory of beautiful furniture and accessories, we can enhance the architectural style of any home. Whether it is traditional, modern or urban chic we have the expertise and resources to make your property stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. Turning a cold vacant place into a warmly designed home gives buyers the opportunity to envision themselves living there.

Redesign Staging – Per Estimate
Staged To Sell views your home through a potential buyers eyes. We accentuate every home’s beauty so prospective buyers call visualize the full potential of living there while minimizing problems. We may change the flow of foot traffic, reduce the clutter, and remove, reposition or use your furniture in completely different ways. Often times we bring in a few of our pieces from our beautiful inventory just to finish it off. The results can be eye popping and we often hear the words, “I can’t believe this is my house!  I wish I had done this years ago. Can we do this to my new house?”

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